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Matt or Gloss?
Gloss gives better quality images and good colour saturation, but is suscptible to fingerprints.

The reason? Imagine a very close-up shot of the paper's surface. The gloss paper is smooth, allowing the light transmitted by the enlarger head (or digital printer) unhindered access to the emulsion layers beneath the outer polyester protective layer.
Matt and Lustre paper is rough and uneven when viewed close-up, those little bumps and ridges diffuse and refract the light coming in, causing a (very slight) spreading of that light, resulting in a slightly softer image than the gloss paper.

Paying by Cheque or Postal Order

Order online then send an e-mail with your name to this address
you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing address you should post your payment to.

Make Cheques or Postal Orders payable to Noel Graham

How long will it take to get my prints?

In general the following times apply. When your order is received I will aim to dispatch the prints within 3 days. I use the first class post for domestic mailings and air mail for overseas. Larger orders and those with special instructions may require more time. For most UK addresses, the photos will be received the next working day, however if you have something that is urgent or needed for a specific date you should contact me.

I will send you an email as soon as your prints are dispatched.

Can I down load a print?

Yes, if you wish please contact me with the image name and I will bill you via paypal, you will then receive you image in a e-mail or I will send you a special download link.